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    He Brews She Bakes | The Story Behind It: Hazelnut Chocolate and St...
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    The Story Behind It: Hazelnut Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse

    The Story Behind It


    I'm Jas, your resident baker slash the person behind all of these.

    Anyway, this will be a blog series wherein I'll share the story behind our products because believe me or not, there's a story behind in each of our products.

    Now, I'll share with you guys the story of our Hazelnut Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse! Ready?


    As I have said in the first blog (The Story Behind It: Walnut Carrot Cake), I have a culinary and pastries background. I think it was two years ago when I took up baking and pastries with our chef instructor: Chef Angela. She inspired me a lot, and I look up to her because you can see her passion and dedication in teaching her students and, at the same time, doing what she loves, baking!

    In our culinary school, at the end of the diploma course, we are required to have a restaurant simulation wherein we invite our family or friends to be the guests for our "restaurant." Since I ended my course with baking, I was on the baking and pastries instead of the hot kitchen, and I did not regret a single thing! Our batch's restaurant simulation was also the last one for Chef Angela, and she knew that she had to make it memorable for us students. We had a 10-course dinner at that time, and for the baking and pastries people, we had to do the following: bread service, intermezzo, pre-dessert, main dessert, and mignardises.

    Chef Angela was exceptional since she pulled-off making this menu line-up and managing us at the same time! What impressed me the most was the main dessert! It was the Chocolate Cake with Praline Buttercream, Apricot Coulis, and Strawberries!Chocolate Cake with Praline Buttercream, Apricot Coulis, and Strawberries

    I had the task to cut this cake as straight as possible using the longest knife I had that was a carving knife! Anyway, the one on the top of the cake is a Strawberry Bavarian, then beside it was the Apricot Coulis and the Chocolate Soil! 

    The combination of the pillowy texture of the cake, smooth and velvety buttercream, the fresh aftertaste of the apricot coulis, and strawberries plus the chocolate soil was divine!

    This was my inspiration when I made the Hazelnut Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse.

    Such dessert can only be seen and tasted in fancy hotels and restaurants and would be very expensive, in my opinion. I figured that if this can only be tried by those who can afford it, then it would be such a waste if my fellow Filipinos would not be able to try it for themselves! However, for my version, instead of the chocolate soil, I changed it to chocolate cookie crumbs, then made the hazelnut chocolate and the strawberries into a mousse. The difference between the hazelnut chocolate layer and the strawberry layer was its texture. 


    I hope you guys could try the Hazelnut Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse, so you can see for yourself the texture that I am talking about!


    Chef Angela, if you are reading this, I want to say thank you for the inspiration! 


    Sending lots of love,



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