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    He Brews She Bakes | Our Story | He Brews She Bakes
    Now Accepting Orders from Cavite, Las Piñas, Laguna, and Select Metro Manila Areas!
    Now Accepting Orders from Cavite, Las Piñas, Laguna, and Select Metro Manila Areas!
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    Our Story



    Hi! We are the HBSB team, and this is our story...



    It was way back in 2011, when Jas, our resident baker, discovered her interest and passion for baking. She's an entrepreneur at heart, and at the age of 16, she began selling sandwiches and drinks to her classmates and her teachers. She was still not confident enough with her baking skills, so she decided to put off selling baked goods.
    It was in 2014 when we decided to launch on Instagram and began selling online. At that time, we quickly set aside the business since Jas needed to prioritize her business studies first.


    The Beginning

    2018 was the year when Jas decided to pursue culinary studies in one of the best and home of the firsts culinary school in the Philippines, Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy. After she finished her 12-month in-house training, she set-off to the US to have her internship, but due to the COVID-19 and its rapid spread, together with her fellow interns, they were sent home on the exact date of the Philippines' lockdown. During the lockdown from March to April, she began home baking. There was a rapid increase in demand of sweets, so one of her friends, Fatima, ordered a carrot cake for her mother's birthday on May 1st. (Read the full story here: The Story Behind It: Walnut Carrot CakeFrom then on, her sister began piling cake orders for her to fulfill because of the coming Mother's day on May 10th. 

    The Journey

    Yes, we are still in our journey to becoming who we want to be as a brand, as a business, and we are very much grateful to those who trust us from the very beginning. We also really appreciate those who choose us to be a part of their day, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, retirement day, or just, in general, a day worth celebrating. We will continue to be grateful and to appreciate every one of you! 




    the HBSB team